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Ask alexa to "Play Frontier Country"

Welcome to Frontier Country.  We play Today's Best Country from artists like Luke Combs, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, and Kane Brown.  The best part?  Never any commercials!

Thanks for stopping by and giving us a listen!

12m-5am   Today's Best & Most Country

5am-10am John Quincy

10am-3pm Charlie Ray

3pm-7pm   Rob Calhoun

7pm-12m   Johnny Caudle

12m-6am    Duke Redford

6am-10am  John Quincy

11am-3pm  Todd Edwards

3pm-7pm    Rob Calhoun

7pm-12m    Johnny Caudle

Internet Radio

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12m-6am   Duke Redford

6am-10am VanCamp & Morgan

10am-3pm Kelly G

3pm-7pm   Jason Smith

7pm-12m  Todd Edwards