Van Camp & Morgan 6am-10am:  You want Fun?  You want Today's Best and Most Country? You want no commercials?  It's all right here, every weekday morning to start your day!

Jason Smith 3pm-7pm:  Since he is an avid fly-fisherman, you'll catch all of Today's Best and Most Country every afternoon, plus a voice that will rattle your speakers.

John Quincy:     Every Saturday and Sunday Morning while you are lying in bed trying to waste the weekend, you'll enjoy the music and have no worries.

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Kelly G 10am-3pm: ​Your day at work will be filled with fun and the best country music.  Kelly is always upbeat and knows how to relieve your stress.

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Johnny Caudle:   The love of grandkids, weather and country music makes a perfect weekend combination.  Join him every Saturday & Sunday Night 7-12. 

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Duke Redford 12mid-6am:  If you work late, or have trouble sleeping, you can enjoy the most country music without any interruptions.